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Sekiro Feels More Like Tenchu Than The SoulsBorne games IMOand i feel like some of tenchus elements wouldve added the salt and peper to this game

So i always read up on how everyone constantly compare Sekiro to doarksouls and Bloodborne . When in actuality i think this game < having some elements from the two games, is much more reminiscent of Tenchu. Like Tenchu Wrath f heaven and Tenchu shadow assassins are much more similar in dynamic and allaround feel to the game. Like to me Sekiro is a great game but the stealth aspect was a tidbit lack luster as in tenchu games every angle of approach is a different assassinaion, sheathing your weapon and unsheathing= different assassination. Also in tenchu Z you were able to have different sword strike animatons and moves to tweak your kenjutsu like charging your blade with lightning or izuna dropping your oppnents which gave variety in the ways you can kill your i like the shinobi prosethics but im sure we all would have loved a similar tree of upgrading your kenjutsu besides combat arts and actually giving us different assassinations and things of the sort to make it that much better of a game..i love sekiro but i cant help but think like that cause this is the same studio that made one of the best stealth ninja titles and they kinda dont implement that in sekiro..

,,what are you guys thought..and sorry if i come of as wanting to much but you know…

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