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Sekiro first playthrough boss deaths

(In order) Tutorial Genichiro: 1 death

Lady butterfly: 10+ deaths

Gyoubu: 7-8 deaths

Genichiro: 6-7 deaths

Folding Screen Monkeys: 0 deaths

False monk: 2 deaths

Guardian Ape: +10 deaths(most deaths)

Guardian Ape Duo: 0 deaths

Great Shinobi Owl: 2 deaths

Emma: Haven’t done Shura ending yet

Fire Isshin: Haven’t done Shura ending yet

True monk: 4-5 deaths

Divine dragon: 0 deaths

Owl(father): 5-6 deaths

Demon of Hatred: 4-5 deaths

Isshin Sword Saint: 3 deaths (Weird flex but only used 3 pellets and 5 gourds in my last attempt on Isshin and even then I used them after phase 2)

Mini bosses:

(Not entirely in order) (-/-/-/- first second third etc)

Tutorial boss: 4-5 deaths

All generals: 3/1/0 deaths

Chained Ogre: 7/0 deaths

Blazing bull/Sakura bull: 0/0 deaths

7 Ashina spear: 10+/1 deaths (this is the most times I died on any boss/miniboss)

Lone shadow: 0/2/5+ deaths (I took a break before dog shadow so I was rusty)

Robert’s Father: 5-6 deaths

Centipede Wolverine Guy: 0/0 deaths

Shinobi hunter: 9-10 deaths

Drunkards: 0/0/0 deaths (never died on a drunkard)

Snake eyes: 0/1 deaths

Shichimen warrior: 1/1/1 deaths

Headless: 2/0/0/0/0 deaths

Ashina Elite: 0/1 deaths

Okami leader: 0 deaths

Mist noble: lost count (definitely hardest boss in my opinion)

Was this good for my first attempt? Share your deaths on all bosses. I asked my friend and he struggled a lot with many of the bosses like Isshin who he took like 50+ tries to beat. The only fromsoft games I played before this were bloodborne and ds1 remastered and I didn’t finish bloodborne (I am on like micolash or amygdala I think) so I think that gives me an edge over him.

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