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Sekiro is probably FromSoft’s best game

I want to hear some opinions from the Fromsoft community. In my opinion, I think Sekiro is a literal masterpiece. Every area is incredibly well detailed, every boss has a rich backstory that contributes so much to the lore and worldbuilding of Sekiro, and the gameplay just cant be beat for me. I wont compare Sekiro to Dark Souls because I have not played that one yet and I personally believe that the original one gets brownie points for inspiring the others, but I jumped from Sekiro straight into Bloodborne and it just wasnt the same. The game was ridiculously slow in comparison, but after 2 minutes of getting used to it I was making it to the bosses in a couple tries and beating them in less tries. Plus, Bloodbornes bosses, besides a few like Gascoigne and Micolash, seem to not contribute to the lore of the story. They're just bosses you have to kill because they're there.

With Sekiro, you fight someone like Lady Butterfly as a second boss. The cutscene is short but the connection between her and Sekiro is there, and as you look into her your realize how deep into the story she was. Just from that one encounter, you learn that she was betraying Owl's plan to kidnap Kuro and become an immortal emperor of all of Japan, either for herself or because she simply could not allow a child to be harmed, and you mercilessly fought your way through her forces and rescued Kuro when that's what Owl wanted all along. Owl had been pulling the strings of that entire fight and had played you like a puppet, now one step closer to getting Kuro. He offered himself up as "protection" many years later when Ashina attacked, not knowing Kuro had given you immortality and simultaneously ruined his plan. Just the insanity of how deep each boss encounter is was mind blowing to me and made me love this game more and more.

So tell me what you think. Sekiro is such a rich game, and the fact that you are just a well trained shinobi fighting through tons of masters of the blade is practically a dream come true for me, a boy who loved ninjas and feudal Japan ever since I was a kid.

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