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Small details I noticed on my 6th playthrough of the game

  1. In the Guardian Ape's arena, there's a small pool you can dive into on the right, where a water fall is. You can pick up a Precious Bait and see some debris from the Fountainhead Palace, foreshadowing how the waters flow there.

  2. The Nightjar ninja's feather mantles are very similar to the one that Owl wears, possibly implying some relation between the two. Perhaps he trained them?

  3. During the phase of the game where Ministry Shinobi infiltrate Ashina Castle, when you go up the left side of the castle being guarded by the Purple Cloaks, you can find one Purple Cloak that has a similar appearance to the one that talks with Juzou. They may be of a similar rank or possibly the same person.

  4. If you visit Mibu Village before going to the Sunken Valley, you may have 4 to 5 Mibu Villager phantoms constantly spawning near and harassing you. It's what happened to me, and they're all very annoying.

  5. I think most of us noticed there there's a Great Carp skeleton with fluorescent centipede larvae on it, which may indicate that that's the most recently deceased one. But there are also 2 more Great Carp skeletons near by.

  6. During the Hirata Estate memory, if you go down a path near the well, you end up in a bamboo clearing with two Shinobi Hunters. I found this because I finally decided to check out what escape path the bandits were talking about.

  7. When you're speaking with Owl during the Hirata Estate memory, he doesn't have his weapon on him as he pretends to die.

What have you guys noticed on your repeat playthroughs?

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