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Sword Saint Isshin is nowhere near the hardest

I have heard so much from so many people about how difficult this boss is. How it tests all of your skills in the game. How you have to be absolutely perfect in order to beat him. So I walked into the arena for the first time today, full of expectations and I found out that the legends about him are greatly exaggerated.

I beat this fight in about an hour and I never felt like it was super hard. When fighting Demon of Hatred, I had the feeling of "omg how am I gonna beat this". But when fighting the Sword Saint, every attempt I felt like "okay, that's not so bad, surely I can do this". Never did it feel insanely hard for me.

Genichiro's phase actually have me more trouble than the Isshin fight afterwards. Genichiro is pretty agressive and he didn't really give me time to heal, most of the time when I tried to heal, he did his thrust attack and all my healing was for nothing. His posture bar gets depleted pretty quickly though, so after a while, I was able to beat him no problem every time.

The Isshin fight though? It was completely mediocre! The first phase is easy, you can block most of his attacks, the thrust attack is easy to Mikiri counter and the Ashina cross attack I just dodge away from. He never really gets a chance to do any more attacks, because like Genichiro, his posture bar gets down very quickly.

The second phase is the hard part of the fight, his combos are pretty long, can drain your posture and he's more aggresive in general. But with a bit of practice and careful defense, I was able to take him down.

The third phase is just like the second one, but with added lightnings. And those actually make it easier, just jump when he does the lightning attack and send it back to him. Gives him a posture damage and even stuns him for a while. If you have enough Healing Gourds left, you can just stay alive until he goes down.

So yeah, I just wanted to say that this boss is not that difficult at all, if you understand all the game mechanics and are not afraid to be aggresive against the boss. I've seen many many people say that this boss is one of the hardest bosses From Software ever made, so I'd like to know, what gave you that impression? What made this boss so hard for you?

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