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Why do I lose the camera lock-on?

In the final fight with Isshin the Sword Saint he has this specific move where he runs at you, then jumps, shoots at you four times when he lands and jumps one more time. I counter this move of him with the umbrella: when he pulls out the gun I open the umbrella, let him shoot four times and when he jumps I move a little left and the he lands behind me, and because of the camera lock-on I directly look at him, press R1 and activate the projected force sword blow and hit him. Works like a charm when I don't lose camera lock-on, but half the time I do and then I am screwed. And the reason for the lock-on loss is not that I am near the wall or near one of the big boulders in the field, it happens when I am completely in the open field, space all around. I technically don't understand why I lose the lock-on then. I tried to manually keep the camera on him while he jumps, but that seems to be the worst idea of all, because I think manually moving the camera will in any case cancel the lock-on, I'm not sure. I also tried not to move too early to the left, but only after he started his jump, and for a moment I thought that was the solution. But it still happens sometimes, so I would like to understand what technically makes one lose the camera lock-on other than when you are near a wall or in a closed space like a small room or cave.

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