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Why i loved Sekiro, and just can’t vibe with DS3

Ok so I have tried to play DS3 a few times now, and while I love the setting, atmosphere and music (the score is so good!), I just can't get into the combat.

I find the stamina management a bit jarring/annoying more than fun, but I understand that's personal preference. I can see how people would love it.

What I hate though is when I die, I can't really see what I did wrong at times. In Sekiro, the vast majority of times I died it was my fault – I dodged instead of jumping a sweep, I attacked instead of deflecting etc. A handful of times I suffered with bullshit grab boxes or shitty camera, but it wasn't frequent enough to really dampen my experience.

With DS3, even this early on, many deaths feel like they were out of my hands. The lock on is so inconsistent, sometimes I did because I couldn't lock on in time. I'm currently fighting vordt of the boreal valley, and I just have no drive to fight him again.

The safe spot is stay right up close/under him, however half the time when I'm there I can't even see what I'm doing, or what Vordt is doing from the shitty camera. Also, sometimes I roll and I don't take damage. Other times, I roll and get clipped, and I can't tell what I did differently.

Also, the run to get to him is crap – most times I can get to him without taking damage, but others I get clipped and it's basically a wasted attempt.

In short, I didn't mind throwing myself at a boss for an hour or two in Sekiro because when I lost I knew why I lost, and how to improve. Also it was so quick and painless to retry.

I just don't feel the same with DS3. Did anyone else who played Sekiro first experience this?

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