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Yashariku’s Sugar: A Last Stand

I'm finally playing through Sekrio for the first time, and I thought I'd share the story of my final fight against the Demon of Hatred.

I'd managed to get him down to his final stage a couple of times, but never far beyond that.
In this attempt, the odds seemed… unfavourable, save for the resurrection I'd recovered from the last death blow.
My gourd ran dry, and no divine confetti fell from my box.
I'd learned from previous attempts my inability to correctly time a malcontent's whistle, if indeed it was meant to be possible in this phase at all.
All this is to say, I was not overly hopeful.

Over the course of this battle, disaster struck again and again, as I lost my resurrection and burned through my single use healing items in quick succession. Even draining my Spirit Emblems to unleash a flurry of Mortal Draws only barely landed the Demon's health bar south of half.
From here, one more hit would mean my end; I searched my inventory in a panic, but all I found was that blasted sugar.
Yashariku's Sugar; the double edged sword, drastically increasing attack but massively reducing health and posture.
However, as I went to close the menu, a moment of realization occurred.

Posture damage meant little to me in this fight; I was seldom blocking or parrying, for that did nought to avoid the effects of burn, and had instead leaned into my Dark Souls experience of dodging.
As for health… well, I was already to die if I was struck but once, having my maximum health reduced at this stage would be of no consequence.
I chewed down in this bittersweet sugar, and made my last stand.
Getting close was the hard part, my success at dodging certain attacks had been rather subpar, and so with every raise of that flaming arm, my heart skipped a beat.
It was a short run, but time seemed to stand still as I made the journey, until I eventually made it to the Demon's feet.

The demon thrashed, and I had no idea for how long I'd keep up this onslaught, all I could do was keep my head down; continuing to slash, dodge, and sprint after him as fast as possible whenever he took to the air.
It was the single most tense encounter I've had in the game so far, but after one final flurry… that blessed circle appeared… and I lunged in to preform my death blow, finally slaying the demon that had been my obsession for the last 2 days.

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