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Also, here’s how to always wear your gear mask

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Yes, even outside of the DZ.

MASSIVE, THIS IS A FRIENDLY BUG THAT HURTS NO ONE. It is a bug version of a somehwhat requested feature, so please, as ironic as this is about to sound, please do not fix it until you guys decide to properly support it. I am simply sharing this method because it's been something that players have been wanting.

This has been tested on PC.

  1. Press I (Inventory), go to apparel and then go to your dye / skin section in the bottom right.
  2. Scroll all the way down to the gear dye section
  3. Select any gear dye you'd like to apply to your entire loadout
  4. press B or double tap ESC lightning quick

You will then be wearing your gear mask.


  • If you inspect ANY gear piece, then the bug will fix itself and remove the mask. So, make sure you transmog it before hand.
  • It works with exotics, too. But, for obvious reasons, you can't transmog an exotic mask
  • @ Step 1 – it works with pressing ESC and then going into apparel, but pressing B doesn't work doing it this way. You'd have to do it by double tapping ESC pretty fast.
  • Walking in the DZ and then walking out will remove the mask
  • Dying does not remove the mask
  • This bug is pretty old. I had stumbled upon it months back, I just never kept track of how I had made it happen, and thus, never had a reason to share
  • Again, it's a bug, so there may be some gameplay moments I haven't tested that could suddenly remove the mask

The funny part is that if it's achievable through a bug, then it can be properly supported. Hopefully Massive comes around to make it official. If it gets fixed before official support, I take no responsibility lmao.

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