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An unconventional Eclipse Protocol Build

This build revolves around the Backfire Exotic and Memento for Damage and utilizing the Eclipse Protocol to spread CC.

Mask – Eclipse – Hazard Protection / Bleed Resistance mod

Chest – Eclipse – Hazard Protection / Crit Chance mod

Backpack – Memento – Crit Chance mod

Holster – Eclipse – Hazard Protection

Gloves – Eclipse – Hazard Protection

Kneepads – Ceska – Hazard Protection / Crit Damage

Weapon: Backfire

Skills: Blinder Firefly / Riot Foam Launcher

Spec: Gunner

Backfire Exotic makes up a lot of damage with its Talent. Memento also further boosts your weapon damage, along with giving yourself some sustain and increase to CC.

Ceska is used to get close to max Crit Chance so I can maximize the Backfire's Talent.

Everything is rolled Hazard Protection where I can to eliminate the Backfire Bleed damage and Screen effect. You end up with 90% Hazard Protection and up to 100% bleed resistance.

Riot Foam and Blinder to CC entire rooms as needed. Eclipse will just keep spreading it around. Then just reapply as needed. Blinder has a short enough cooldown and you have enough Riot Foam charges to get by on when Blinder is on cooldown. Switch out one of the skills for Jammer against Black Tusk.

Specialization can be swapped out, but I currently like Gunner for the extra weapon handling and rpm buffs and armor on kill so some extra sustain. Survivalist is probably a better option though to give group damage to status effected enemies and the Crossbow weapon to take down Heavy, Robodogs, and Turret armor quicker.

While Solo, you can pretty much lock down a room and freely shoot at everything.

Works well in a groups as a support build with decent damage. Not many people use Riot Foam and Blinder, so you won't be stepping on other EP users toes. DPS players should love you since they can freely shoot at anything. Skill builds with Seekers, Stickies, Mortar turrets, etc should also love you since you keep everyone in place for those skills to hit.

An alternative I've played around with is the Eclipse Backpack instead of the Memento and the Imperial Dynasty holster Exotic instead. This is fun too and provides Burn along with Blind and Ensnare. Plus you can get 100% Hazard Protection going this route. You just lose weapon damage for some extra CC and damage with the Burn and full protection from statuses.

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