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Can we maybe tone down fire/poison/bleed damage yeah? Whats the point of trying to tank when this shit kills you in half a second THROUGH your armor and shield? @Massive

Seriously WHY does enemy status effects (fire/bleed/poison) have to do SO MUCH DAMAGE???

There's nothing "challenging" about having a poison cloud shot at you (which you can BARELY SEE) in cover which then drops you to downed before you can even move. That's not good game design or even truly difficult it's just aggravating and frankly unfair. It's cheap.

I primarily main tank and it feels awful to have a full shield and armor and then suddenly wind up on the floor just because I put one toe in a cloud of poison or someone hit me with fire from the other continent. And yes I have A LOT of hazard protection too and honestly I think it's bugged because it makes NO DIFFERENCE.

Oh and for the love of god, Massive wants this game to be "realistic" and yet rolling around on the floor doesn't help you being on fire at all??? Cmon guys.

If you want to make the game CHALLENGING then make it CHALLENGING.

Improve the AI, add more enemy variety thats difficult to deal with, add more mechanics to the game SOMETHING just don't add in cheap basically unavoidable deaths. It feels like shit.

TLDR NERF STATUS DAMAGE it is NOT ENJOYABLE and adds nothing whatsoever positive to the game as is.


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