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Can we talk about Episode 3 new weapons for a moment please?

I was “lucky” enough to get my hands on 3 of the 4 new weapons of Episode 3 (Chameleon, Honey Badger, UIC15 MOD2, G28). Well saying I am disappointed with their performance is an understatement. I wanna share my experience and hear what you guys think about the new weapons.

Here’s my personal ranking from “absolute trash” to “no good”:

1. UIC15 MOD2
Base damage is so low, its less than ARs, even lower that some SMGs.
Only way I could see this being maybe useful is if it was a super balanced pin point accurate spam monster, but it isn’t… Massive must have made a mistake with this rifle, I have no other explaination for how bad it is. It straight up qualifies for the title “Worst weapon in the game”

2. G28
Again, super low base damage, poor handling.
Why would anybody use this over SVD or any other sniper? Most rifles would be the better to use.

3. Honey Badger
Its ok’ish. Base damage is not as high as other ARs, RPM and handing are ok.
For sure it cannot compete against M4, P416, Famas, EB…but I guess it will do until you find a good AR. Not as good as I wish as it would be, but at least doesn't suck like the first 2.

4. Chameleon
As it didn’t drop for me yet and I cannot share my personal experience, I would rank it as the "best" of the new Episode 3 weapons atm. What I heard from other players that got it though, is that its also not good.

I honestly don’t understand, why Massive is giving us new guns with this update, that are so utterly trash. I mean, you cannot even call them “situationally good” or say you have to build towards them to make em work. They are straight up trash. Who thought they are somehow "balanced"?

What you guys think, whats your experience with it? Maybe you can also share some insight on the Chameleon.

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