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Can’t play Div 2 due to constant cTD, had a lot of fun replaying Div 1! You should too! (Long post)

(Long post, only the top really matters)

So I'm unlucky enough to be one of the people who literally cannot play the game anymore since the last patch. Was really feeling the itch to play Division, and with the snow outside IRL I decided to relive my original Division experience and replay the first game!

I spent about 2 days beating the "story", and then an hour or 2 messing with my old builds and boy, some of them are so fun!

I mainly tried out my old Lonestar Big Alejandro build, getting that sweet sweet 2000 RPM LMG with (sortof) unlimited ammo, and then my old infinite tac link Striker build. Man these build just bring joy to my life, and honestly most of the Div 2 builds, even the most fun ones, don't hit the spot quite as right.

I highly recommend (especially if you're also suffering from div 2 CTD issues) to relive the fun times in Snowy NY once in a while, because there isn't anything quite like it. Also there's a global event going on!

A comparison if you're interested (its long!):

People like to compare the 2 games, but often its through the lens of nostalgia. After actually playing both recently, I can certainly say Divison 2 is the better game. The thing is, Division 1 did a few things that are just unmatched:

Lets start with the first thing I noticed RECOIL. Guns felt powerful! And some of them were hard to control. This was later alleviated by powerful weapon mods but almost ALL guns in Div 2 are incredibly easy to handle.

Weapon Mods. 120% Magazine size might be a bit too much, but what we have now is actually a joke. Weapon mods at launch were far better than what we have now, but I'm sure 99% of players using 3×5% crit chance mods helps build diversity… somehow.

The atmosphere, world, and eeriness of a "Dead" city in a blanket of snow is just unbeatable. Sure the worldbuilding, weather, and even the interiors may be better in Div 2, but unless there is heavy raid or a sandstorm, the feeling you get walking down the streets and alleys in Div 1 is far superior. Even going back to NY doesn't feel the same in Div 2. If Texas can get snow, so can DC!

The builds in Division 1 made you feel like an absolute death machine, an Unkillable tank and even a godly healer when you finally minmaxed them. We have some crazy strong builds in Div 2, but some of the old div 1 builds just felt…. more fun. There is an argument to be made that 6p classified sets limited build diversity, but they were also easily identifiable goals, where as now, everyone just runs the same few brands with the same talents and exotics anyway. We still have 6p builds, its just that they're not green anymore. In fact with targeted loot I'd argue they're even easier to get.

Signature skills were fantastic (re)active tools, and removing them was a mistake. The signature weapons in Div 2 don't compare at all to the fun potential and "play of the game" possibilities of Div 1's Signatures. Pretty much the only useful weapons nowdays are the tac50 and crossbow, and really the crossbow is only even used to break armor plates and razorback vents. Being able to preemptively buff your damage resistance to prevent a wipe, pop a tac to melt some enemies, or revive downed teammates provided much better utility and allowed skilled teams to really feel powerful. Division 2 could have simply reworked them to be not quite as powerful and easily added new and interesting alternatives.

Incursions. I suppose we have raids and strongholds which replaced this, but lets be real, we need more raids. I liked incursions though, there were like raids with 1 boss/mechanic. It was fun!

Survival. Come on. We need more game modes in Div 2. Underground. Summit is not even CLOSE to what was possible years ago. Last Stand. I don't pvp but I'm sure the PVP community would have appreciated more stuff to do.

As for everything else… Division 2 is better. Graphics obviously, but Div 1 is still beautiful! Sound effects are better, weapon variety…. feels better? The world feels more alive with events everywhere, but this can also be a negative sometimes. It definitely wouldn't make sense to see that in NY. Targeted loot is good, Build diversity (POSSIBILITIES) are good, but the balance of the game is still just DPS for most things. There is very little to do in terms of endgame for Div 1 besides making new builds, but eventually you run out. Div 2 has everything Div 1 had, and more. Most importantly though, the missions and side activities in Div 2 are FAR superior, which is probably the best part about it. Missions are more interesting and varied, and the side activities (while repetitive) are far more fun that carrying 3 fuse boxes very slowly. And lastly, enemy variety, movement, and reaction to getting hit are all far better in Div 2!

Division 2 SHOULD have built upon all the good things Div 1 had, and I think the reason a lot of veterans (myself included) are upset with it is because that's what we expected it to do. But if you go back and compare the 2 games in terms of "how much you get out of it", it does become clear which one is the winner.

Thanks for reading, back to being upset that I can't play the game without crashing every 5 minutes :/

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