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Comparing Effect Duration and Cooldowns of Blinder Firefly, Banshee, and Jammer — High End vs Eclipse Protocol

/TLDR High End Beats Eclipse Protocol in Cooldowns. 3s Banshee, 5.6s Blinder, 3.1s Jammer.

Banshee (3 second difference)

  • High End: Cooldown 8.2, Effect Duration 14.4 (effective cooldown 3.8)

  • Eclipse Cooldown 8.4, Effect Duration 11.6 (effective cooldown 6.8)

Blinder (5.6 second difference)

  • High End: Cooldown 20.2, Blind Duration 24.4

  • Eclipse: Cooldown 20.9 Blind Duration 19.7

Jammer (3.1 second difference)

  • High End: Cooldown 12.3, Effect Duration 14.3

  • Eclipse: Cooldown 12.7, Effect Duration 11.6

This test is to give you an idea of the difference between High End and Eclipse Protocol the two in duration and cooldown. This difference is primarily due to the number of stats on High End vs Gear Sets.

The question is whether the increased cooldowns with Eclipse are worth the 4 piece bonus. In my opinion it is not for a pure CC player, but you can decide for yourself.

Your builds may be different than mine. Current build has 131.5 Skill Haste and 79.5 Status Effect. 2 Wyvern, 1 Hanu, 1 Improvised holster, Acosta, and 1 Golan.

The Eclipse Protocol has Skill Haste 124.3 and Status Effect 35. It also has 2 less skill haste on the watch as PTS uses your gear from several days ago.

I tried replacing one Skill Haste Roll with a Skill Effect Roll, but it made the effective cooldown worse on Banshee (Banshee users will know what I mean by effective cooldown). I also do not have a god rolled Golan so the Eclipse build could have 10 percent more status effect. I used the two max rolled high end pieces withe the Eclipse build (not my decent but not max rolled Acosta's).

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