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Concept Ideas for new Skills.

Since the Division 2 has added some new skills like the Drone, Hive, Chem Launcher and Firefly to name a few. So if there is a Division 3 or the devs decide to add more skills to the roster, i thought I would post a few of my own ideas for skills and other things.

To start, I propose a new skill I like to call the Micro Tank. This is like the mini tank that Black Tusk fields against you, but this is half the size and serves the purpose of drawing aggro while being a very big pain in your enemy's side. It can be commanded to target a single enemy, go to a particular spot and harass the enemy from one side or protect you as an alternative to the shield. This is my attempt at an alternative to the Shield by giving agents access to a miniature tank that is just as durable as a max tier shield. And like the shield, you don't have to be max skill tier to use it because it draws from your defense and skill tier like the shield does. There is one last benefit of using this skill, it has space enough on it to allow for another skill you have to be placed on its back and used in conjunction with the Micro Tank.

With the stats out of the way, here are the Variants:

Technical: A micro tank variant that can have up to two deployable skills to be deployed on top of it, one of your own and one belonging to an ally, to allow for greater mobility of assets in a fight. It can even act as a mobile skill proxy for non-deployable skills like the pulse. Upon activation, a copy of your other skill will appear on the micro tank upon deployment and only if it’s not on cooldown. If allies want to deploy a skill on your micro tank, they must target it with their reticle and pick a skill that they have which they want to deploy. Skills that can be deployed on the Technical are all turrets, hives, most of the shields, and the remote pulse, including the hologram. Skills like the trap, sticky launchers, the flying drone, firefly, chemical launcher, and the seeker mine.

M1A1: A micro tank variant armed with a miniature tank turret that deals bonus damage against high armor and high health targets also while taunting more enemies into attacking. The number of enemies it can taunt depends on your defense tier. In addition, this one has the highest health out of all the micro tank variants.

Dreadnaught: A micro tank that comes equipped with a miniature copy of your currently equipped specialization weapon that deals damage depending on your specialization damage tier divided by 2. In addition, the micro tank has a limited supply of signature ammo, but the ammo regenerates once every quarter of its duration. This makes the micro tank an excellent proxy if you don’t like to use your signature weapon very often.

Tortoise: A micro tank variant that is immune to all status effects, but does the least damage of any micro tank. Second highest health and generates the second highest amount of threat.

Porcupine: Third highest health micro tank that additionally attacks enemies who attack it in a reactive way. However, it will fixate on attacking one enemy at a time.

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