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Concept: Rocket drone and more

Since the striker drone has grown in popularity so much lately, I believe it'd be cool to see more abilities in a similar vein.

Rocket Drone

This drone moves towards enemies on its own, like the striker, and fires rockets just like those of the technician specialization weapon – 2 at a time with a reload in between of salvos. It should have an ammunition count and a duration, similar to the sniper turret.

Sniper Drone

A drone that stays close to a player, similar to the fixer drone, and fires sniper shots at enemies similar to the sniper turret – but automated, on its own.

Why the sniper drone when there's a sniper turret? As of right now, you can only pick one ability from each class – so if you wanted to use the assault turret and sniper turret, that does not work. The sniper drone would still create more options in the popular turret/drone setup.

Stinger Seeker Mine

This seeker should roll towards enemies and release a charge of stingers at them – smaller than that of the stinger hive and with lower damage – , but persist for a few charges, seeking out new enemies on its own.

This gives a more versatile option to apply bleeds, one that can move to where it's needed while dealing much lower initial skill damage than the stinger.

Oxidizer Turret

The oxidizer chem launcher is a popular skill, limited by small clouds and long recharge times. This turret will fulfill a different function – it'll consistenly fire even smaller corrosive clouds that deal lower damage. But through these clouds being fired at a relatively high rate, the turret will excel at chasing enemies out of cover for a certain amount of time – in strong contrast to the assault turret, which is helpless against enemies in cover but deals high damage to those outside of it.

Fixer Firefly

Lastly, another healing option. This firefly should inject marked allies with a strong regeneration over several seconds – without an initial healing boost like the chem launcher.

What do you like/dislike about these skills (apart from similarities to other skills)? How would you change them?

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