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Conflict matchmaking is broke

Is there ANY logic in it?

IMO, a big reason this game isn't as popular as other games that are inferior to it, is because you need 3 friends to play it with you. 3 guys who have the same work/sleep schedule as you. It's hard enough to find one guy I like to play this game with. Then they made clans in this game, further separating the player base.

So trying to play this game competitively, as a solo is impossible. You can 4v1 with some good movement and a good build but, it's unlikely against a good coordinated/communicating group.

Matchmaking could at least help a little bit.

I was just in a group with a few guys who were lvl <10. Matched against a 4 man clan all lvl100.

If my mic worked in game chat, I could at least communicate to these randoms and keep them from blowing away with the wind but, it doesn't.

next match, I'm with the same guys against a different 4man.

Why wouldn't the game make these two clans play against each other?

New players should be matched with other new players or by K/D because, one inexperienced player can lose the match for the team. 2 inexperienced players and you're getting farmed out the spawn.

I really hope this new game mode is solo or give me some NPC help

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