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CTAR Question – Recalibrate or hold what I’ve got?

I've got a very good CTAR-21 that I used as my secondary (Pestilence primary) in a couple of loadouts (straight LMG/AR red build on one and Negotiators on another). These are not my main DPS builds but I've been enjoying them a lot lately and I have decision paralysis on this CTAR. I swap to it to finish off heavies because the + health damage is so useful on them, the rest of the time I tend to stick with the Pestilence so it's a pretty niche item for me. As it sits now it's god rolled with 15% AR damage, 21% Health Damage, and 6% Armor Damage with Optimist as the talent. Do I roll a different / better talent (which one?) OR do I roll Damage to out of cover? I'm leaning towards out of cover but I don't want to screw it up. Any input?

Again primary uses are against heavies that suck up that extra health damage, and the occasional "oh crap" swap to take out a charger while the LMG is being reloaded. In both instances it is an out of cover enemy being engaged. Or do I keep the attributes to swap Optimist out, and for what?

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