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DIV1 better than DIV2?

Started out with Div2 as got it for a bargain – £8!in my local Asda (or Walmart to our US friends) and my friends used to rave about it.

I admit I was a little late to the party.

Love the division 2 and knew that there was another so I looked on eBay and got it for £1.50! Bargain no2! I played it though to about level 15, but then went back to Div2 and finished main campaign and completed the warlords of New York expansion too, but seeing New York again…man…it made me really want to go back to Div1.

So I did. Last night. Made a new character and started fresh. Holy Christ I was in a constant state of wonder and amazement, it’s so atmospheric and I love the little soundbites from the people in the street or the JTF officers on patrol.

The combat and weapons are not as fluid as Div2 but the atmosphere and the difficulty is ramped up to over 9000 in DIV1 but oh my god.

I keep reading about Survival mode and it’s worth completing the game for it alone, plus I recently got a bargain on the DLC for both DIV1 and 2 so I’m set for a while!

No Xbox Live though so no Dark Zone for me and I hear that’s a fantastic experience too.

Just wanted to share my thoughts and feelings.

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