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Division 1 style global events

Can we please return to the Division 1 style of global events? These are just so convoluted, and the challenges associated with them are even worse. Bring back Outbreak, Assault, and Onslaught and the loot redemption system for it. There was nothing like running missions with 4 dudes with bullet hose guns marking and nuking enemies during outbreak. Even the biggest of the Chungi fell before the might of 4 Big Alejandros. Then, going in on the consulate with 4 people with D3FNC and showing those yellow shotgunners that we see no gods here other than us during assault. Lastly going in on Warrengate with Tac and firecrest and throwing so much fire around that you'd think it was Chipotle night at Joe Ferro's place.

Compared to Division 1, these global events pale in comparison. For example, this one: You have to be in combat, and have people looking at you, or be out of cover, all while getting stacking incoming damage debuff. Then you have to either melee (single transfer), or do a cover to cover movement (radius transfer) to transfer the mark after you gain full stacks. The marks also have an ABYSMAL radius to them. Once the enemies are marked they take increased damage, but only if they don't go a certain distance away, otherwise the mark will be lost. Since the spread range is so low you'll more than likely have to wait to go back up to full to continue marking. But don't worry, you'll be taking increased incoming damage with short high burst of outgoing damage cause reasons.

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