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Division 2 Falling apart

This game has falling apart as all of us old timers that got the game years ago has seen, the player base is at an avg of 689 that's sad what happened to this god damn game i was part of a community with over 300 members that all played on avg 8hrs a day combined we probably all combined with over 1000hrs a day @Ol_Man_Winter and they say the next update will bring back the player base but thats a big fucking joke last time this game had over 10000 player was January of 2018 getting up to 2 hrs ago i doubt there's gonna be a big update because honestly the developers probably abandoned this game because it took such a massive shit on itself lets look at statistics (March 2016 when game released avg players was 65,000, 6 months later it was just below 2000) this game has straight up fallen apart and i doubt this game will ever grow again it came and went and barely even made an impact this was the "best selling game in 2019" but no one plays it anymore how the hell can a game fall apart so fast. Yes the game did sell more copies then expected on PC, but on console they sold way less then what was expected to happen, on console it did not meet sales expectations, to conclude my paragraph this game is done for.

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