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Division 2 thought for altering one aspect of the DZ mode.

Short background: So I'm a solo player and on the PC platform.I do like the shepard system (helping others out) in the LZ part of the game and I do go into the DZ areas solo.

I agree with other comments (in other threads) that the DZ is better when in group and if you're solo you'll properly be shoot in the back when clearing landmarks. It happens.

So instead of having a invaded DZ, can that DZ be an all Rogue DZ (rotate as Invaded does) with sheparding instead? So basically when you enter this "Invaded"/Rogue DZ, all Agents start as Rogue Agents and the only way your grouping up is by backup call/sheparding – the landmarks is replaced by 2x supply crates with minimum Heroic scaled loot and Exotic component (random drop). There will be multiple sites with supply crates but they don't respawn that often. This will be guarded by 1-3 Hunters and Heroic scaled NPCs with 1-2 bosses are constantly patrolling for Rogue Agents to kill. Loot is yours if you reach a safe area or just the safe house – this will replace the manhunt aspect – so all will know including NPCs that you got the loot from the Hunters and trying to get, to the safe area. If the NPCs are patrolling for Rogue Agents constantly (there should be many patrols), it would hopefully occupy other Rogue Agents when they hunt for other Rogue Agens and their loot. Its a different take on improving the DZ, maybe somebody else had the same idea…

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