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Division 3 Fan Concept

Ever since The Division 1 first came out I have been captivated by the entire story, the World and the aesthetic of the entire game. Not only that, but Ola Strandh's soundtrack for the game completes and ties the whole thing perfectly. With that said, here is my fan-made Division 3 Concept that I have been wanting to share with the community who shares my love for the game. I hope you all enjoy.

****The Division 3****

Location and Setting: New Orleans / Louisiana

It's been 2-3 years since the events of The Division 2 and 4 years since the outbreak of the Dollar Flu. The world continues it's attempt to recover and rebuild. Communities have bene able to band together to form Hamlet's and even small Town's in some isolated areas. This particular game will feature all that we are familiar with when it come's to urban gameplay within downtown New Orleans, outlying neighborhoods, commercial and industrial areas. The time of year will be Autumn.

The Division as a whole has been able to stay cohesive after Faye Lau's betrayal but not without difficulty. Some Agent's are still unaccounted for since the Outbreak and even some others have defected to Black Tusk, gone MIA, or have joined varies factions throughout the USA. The Division continues to look for Lau and the Division in New York and D.C. have been able to track her last known location to a large shipping dock in to New Orleans, Louisiana. Her Black Tusk hovercraft was discovered there via satellite photographs and confirmation from the Division Team in New Orleans. You, as the Agent, are tasked to setting up a base of operations in NOLA and finding out where she is, extracting any information from her or eliminating her.

This game will focus on not just post-apocalyptic world re-building, but the introduction of the outside World politics, New Factions, a resurgence of a new mutated Dollar Flu Strand and other surprises. It may seem straight forward from the start but varies events will take place throughout the story that will change the narrative greatly.


The Watchers

The street gangs of New Orleans' varies wards and parishes have been around for decades. After the collapse of the modern world, most gangs either died out or were able to band together to survive. Hardened by the conditions of their upbringing, they are no strangers to daily survival. Although they are still a loose conglomerate of street gangs, they have become organized and very deadly. They see themselves are the protectors of their Neighborhoods and have taken the title of The Watchers in order to protect their homes–and criminals interests–from anyone who threatens them.

Visual: Street Gang, colors are purple with yellow accents.Gameplay: Similar to Rikers, tough and quick. Not afraid to rush and do lots of damage up-close.

Hell Hounds

The Devil went down to Georgia and then ended up in New Orleans after the Outbreak. This motorcycle gang faction of Bikers brings a new element of gameplay to the Division. Quick mobile units (akin to Blacktusk Robo-dogs) on motorcycles are the favorite style of warfare to this gang. After terrorizing much of the Southern USA after the outbreak, and liberating their Brothers and Sisters from varies Prisons and penitentiaries, this Motorcycle Gang has ended up in New Orleans to pillage, sack and loot. The Hell Hounds are masters at improvised warfare and adapting anything and everything for combat. Are they here to stay? Or are they ready to settle down and setup shop to upgrade their mobile arsenal from the discovery of SHD Tech/Black Tusk Tech in the ports of New Orleans?

Visual: Bikers, white and black.Gameplay: Very mobile with npc on bikes that roam around for a new fast mobile type of enemy players have to deal with. Also patrols can arrive quickly in mobs of bikes and/or Vans, traditional spawning still is possible with bikers hanging out or looting.

Milicias de Tropas Territoriales aka "Tropas" (working name)

As the rest of the world dealt with the Outbreak, Cuba was not as badly effected as the rest of the North American Mainland. Years later, there have been reports of Cuban Naval Jacks seen in the Gulf of Mexico venturing closer and closer to the USA coastline. No contact has been heard from this Nation since the weeks following Black Friday. Although their true motives are unclear, they have recently been seen raiding shipping containers in the Port of New Orleans and patrolling some throughout the City. Are they establishing a beachhead for future invasion? Or just taking the opportunity to gather resources? Either way this could be the beginning of significant change the geopolitical region forever.

Visual: General Cuban ParamilitaryGameplay: True Sons/LMB Style Combat

Note: Obviously, Ubisoft might have a problem with using actual Nation States in their games as enemies but, I don't see why not. Other games have done it and this feels very "Tom Clancy" to have them as a presence in the area in this type of World. And not just another "Rogue General" placeholder that seems to be cliché in video games and movies (and even Tom Clancy Novels :3). It could bring in some really cool new elements into the game than just Rogue Government Agencies and Contractors duking it out for control.

Black Tusk

Self explanatory–they're back and they're at large outside of DC. More mobile than ever with weaponized technical vehicles and marine operations. Faye Lau's influence is noticeable as well with SHD tech being incorporated into their arsenal and weaponry…

Additional Notes on Factions:

*Bring back normal rioters!*In Division 1 we had a faction with no leader but was just generalized rioters and looters. I sort of miss that and I feel like more than 4 factions would add some diversity to the game and make it more interesting being a Port City and all.

I sort-of wanted to add a somewhat mystical post apocalyptical VooDoo faction but that seemed a bit cheesy and over the top for this game. Fitting for the setting perhaps but I like the Division's tone overall to stay the way it is. I know certain shows and media like to incorporate some sort of Post-Modern World Culture that has elements of some cannibalism, creepy mystical types. (Think Walking Dead, Mad Max, Battle Tank series from N64, etc.) I feel like Ubisoft dabbled into this some with the Outcasts. And I have to admit, as much as I like Division 2, the Outcasts felt like the "Weakest" part of the entire narrative of the sequel. It was a little odd and not as believable as I feel like they could have done. An interesting concept of how humanity can change after such devastation–or in this case betrayal–but seems somewhat out of place imo. And to be fair, who wants to clean up all that broken glass shards they hang everywhere?


Final thoughts:

Ubisoft's incorporation of the scale of D.C. into the game is very impressive to me. I feel like New Orleans is such a large city, with so much history, with so many cool places to use, it could be a really fun game to play. The Super Dome, Jackson Square, the French Quarter, Large Port Areas, large commercial areas — I could make a long list of places they could use but the amount of places and content to draw inspiration from for game design seems very rich to me. Winter was the season in D1, Spring/Summer in D2, Fall seems to be the next obvious setting as well. Fall in the South is also prone to be a Hurricane season. There could be some interesting weather elements added to the game to impact players and increase a more realistic experience (Some sort of Survival Mode with flooding and Hurricanes could be a fun idea). Not only that, but Autumn is very pretty in The South as well! The way Dark Zones were done in D2 were pretty cool, however the centralized location of D1's DZ was much cooler because as you moved into the city from the very start, you could how things were getting worse and worse with each block traveled towards the epicenter. I feel like this principle should be brought back again somehow. Hotspots are good, but a deep urban decay in the center of densely populated areas feels more fitting somehow.

The Division franchise is such a beautiful and immersive series that I feel like is still underrated in the gaming world. Every single step has such emotion with the music transitions, the safe houses, the urban landscapes… It feels very real to me. And not to mention, the games are downright spooky at times. I actually was able to see New Orleans not long after Hurricane Katrina and it was quite spooky to see so much of the city in darkness and in the damaged state that it was. I believe it could contribute greatly to our beloved game.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed this little snippet of my day dreaming/random thoughts for a new game setting. I could add more but I would like to see what you all think first with my proposed factions and generalized thoughts on it all. I hope someone enjoyed it.

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