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Don’t call everything OP, also consider their counters

Just a mention, that consider the other options available, either as alternatives or counters. Something may seem strong just looking at it on it’s own, but it also requires giving other things up in some cases.

Things like the shield Gear Set is an example. It’s a bit overtuned right now, but the adjustment doesn’t have to be extreme. I think 30% (instead of 40%), and only damage dealt to shield converting to Regen, would be reasonable. It would be nice if it also healed your allies 25% of the amount it healed you (to play into team support).

For PvP, we are also getting some potent DPS enhancement, status, and skill enhancements. So the shield setup that seems strong, will have things/setups that compete. People have sense enough to aim for the head in PvP, and Skills aren’t really stopped by a shield.

So I encourage people to actually also test some creative counters, instead of spending most of the time just overusing the seemingly/obvious strong options. We really don’t want to have things over-nerfed simply because no one bothered to try different things to counter those setups, and by the time it hits Live it’s useless against those counters.

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