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Faye’s manhunt is a sad and disappointing excuse for a finale

Faye’s manhunt is the most disappointing thing I’ve experienced in this game. I don’t want to act like someone who speaks for everyone, so I’ll be doing so as someone who rediscovered this series this past September, played and enjoyed the first title and played and enjoyed the second even more.

When I first experienced the final part of WONY, I couldn’t wait to see where this would end, but after these 2 seasons of basically doing the same thing all over again, and finally arriving at this manhunt feels like a huge slap in the face.

Replay the same Camp Oak mission, with nothing interesting added to it, other than the dialogues and a useless echo (it could at least have included some more interesting lore, or lore that explained/expanded upon something that was already established! We get it that Faye did what she did, we have the evidence of it right under our noses!), and an underwhelming and uninteresting fight AGAINST A CHARACTER THAT HAS BEEN IN THE FRANCHISE FROM THE VERY BEGINNIG FOR PETE’S SAKE! (literally shoot the heli blabes and shoot the npc a lot) And after that? NOTHING! NOT A CUTSCENE, NOT EVEN A SCRIPTED IN GAME ANIMATION! NOTHING! Basically, the story doesn't actually end because it reached a conclusion or a finale, it ends because there's no one left to carry it on. Schaeffer? Dead. President Ellis? Dead. Keener? Dead. Down and down, it goes, with every named character worthy of note, all the way down to now, unfortunately, Faye. The only ones left? … Kelso, the Agent and the crew at Haven, I guess. You see where I'm going with this? None of these characters can carry the story onwards, unless a sudden new big bad evil guy appeared out of nowhere, (or even worse, Ubi brings some past important character out of the grave) but even then, why should we care?

Kelso has a really dumb line (imo) where she asks herself what happens when the Chain of Command is completely broken on a fundamental level, such as it is right now in the story of The Division … but the Chain of Command as she calls it, has been broken since the beginning of the game in general, and since Ellis sided with the Tusks in particular THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A CHAIN OF COMMAND. And after the fact, we could at least have had something like “welp, we have no command but we can take it from here, rebuild etc. etc.” but no.

Schaeffer’s manhunt (and I also guess the previous ones at this point, I joined mid-season 3 so I can’t really say) are leagues better than this sorry excuse for a finale. Plus, this “”ending”” doesn’t answer any question, it just leaves more unanswered, the Hunters? Schaeffer contacts? It totally sucks, and this is not ok!

I can only assume that everything ended up this way because good ol’ Ubi saw that the series didn’t sell as they planned and they don’t care about it anymore, but honestly I’d like a legitimate answer to why THE STORY FINALE TO THIS GAME was done so badly. Budget cuts? Director’s decision? Just plain bad writing? I think we deserve to know.

At this point, my opinion of the game is, that is fun, but you shouldn’t care about the story at all, at least if you’re not into very underwhelming finales.

I’ll keep playing, I like the gameplay loop and all that, and I’m still curious to see what will eventually come for this year of content, but after seeing this I’m really worried.

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