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Fellow agents.. let’s recap the rules of engagement

Given how this community is growing, I think it might be a good time to review some of the rules of engagement when playing.

Just for the sake of maintaining a better gaming experience and keeping our community to a higher standard.

These are only my thoughts and I welcome everyone to share theirs as well 🙂

  1. Don't call for backup unless you actually need it.
    Agents.. unless you actually want people to join your game and play, don't just call for backup. Don't sit idle in your base of operations for an hour. I understand there are exceptions but generally speaking, I think it's a good rule to follow.

  2. If you are down, don't respawn if you see other agents coming to help you
    This is another important one, I've had many instances of risking my health running to save someone, only to have them respawn just as I get to them. Please be patient as your fellow team mates fight their way to save you!

  3. Don't rearrange your inventory in the middle of the game
    I understand you wanna look at all your new god rolls ..cough.. min the middle of the game, but resist this urge until the mission is completed. Having your team wait for you for 45 minutes whilst you sort your gear is not ideal

  4. Don't YOLO in! This is a cover based game!
    This is an important one, I've seen too many people just run in, or get too worked up in the middle of the battle and run in, just to get swamped by enemies and die. If you do this, you put everyone else at risk , because now someone has to rush to save you. Let's take it nice and steady ladies and gentlemen!

  5. Provide fire cover if someone is helping a downed agent!
    I think this is another good combat rule, if it's possible, provider cover when someone is trying to revive another team member. They are both vulnerable and enemies take advantage of them! Distracting enemies is also another good strategy. I've died many times whilst trying to revive someone as the rest of the team went on with their business.

  6. Follow the group leader!
    I've joined many teams where the lead either completely ignored other members (especially when free roaming) or the rest of the team just ignored the lead. If you are the lead, please select the next activity as promptly as you can when free roaming. This way we can all enjoy "the flow". By the same token, If you are in someone's group, don't run around doing other activities if a new activity has been selected by the group leader..

  7. Share your fixer drones!
    If you're in full armor and notice a team member low on health, direct your drone to provide them with extra protection (if you can obviously). Remember, your livelihood depends on theirs as well! Same goes for other skills obviously.

Also meta:
Why does everyone immediately leave after the mission is completed?
I often stick around in random groups as much as I can. Having to constantly match make is a bit annoying. It's not that big of a deal though.
Finally, I think we should still give ourselves a huge pat on the back.
I'm really impressed by the level of maturity in most threads on reddit. Yes sometimes things get heated and conversations degrade, but generally I find the division community much healthier to be around with.

Over & out.
Be safe out there!

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