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Focused Memento Skill hybrid

this is a skill hybrid build even though at first glance it looks like almost a full red build. Originally started as my turret xp farm build ill leave a link in top of screen. I decided to play with memento and further down the rabbit hole I went and I came out with some spectacular. Were going be rocking 5 red cores sittings at over 200% weapon dmg 160% headshot dmg 6 skill tiers and over 900k armor. now what to all these numbers mean well out headshots are hitting over 600k unbuffed by memento striker drone is at 80k a bullet and turret is doing 125k a bullet. we are melting everything not tied down so lets hop into this build


+1 Skill tier makes build work

10% skill DmG great extra turret dmg

12% DmG to Warhound robots etc. hate those fucking dogs

Emp Grenade most underrated shutdowns dogs instantly for easy nuke with firearm

disrupts or stops all skills what else can be said


Mechanical Animal any ar with future perfect will work I found animal was best too keep buff up since its at 19 sec compared to 15 sec and does respectable dmg if you can control it

DMg to Armor Dttooc or Headshot Ideal more multipliers the better

Future Perfection buff must be maintained at all times

x8 scope for focus

Harmony any weapon with insync will work M1A for dps we will switch to harmony after we can no longer maintain buff from mechanical animal best for single target fights as well as rogue and hunter encounters

headshot dmg

perfect insync

x8 scope for focus


technician sidearm

25+ skill damage buff good to proc during boss fights or high enemy count rooms


Prioritizing Headshot DmG and Skill DmG armor regen if you need more survivability you only need skill tier on 1 armor pieces not including memento. I went with 3 hard wired ideally you want to replace for 2 hana and 1 wyrvn. I also tried other variations fenris chest fox prayers several different iterations and providence headshot build was still about 20k higher per bullet in sims and on range in base. I did not get to try out contractors gloves will update if its an upgrade.

Punch Drunk

weapon dmg


skill dmg/armor regen


we will only be using memento for passive buffs and its beautiful rainbow qualities we can go for tokens in combat but generally not advised although we can take a few hits and regen fairly easy lack of AOK or adrenaline rush can get u killed

Providence chest can choose fenris chest less dmg but better if you struggle with headshots

weapon dmg


skill dmg/armor regen

Focused Talent must have

3 Harwired Pieces or 2 Hana U 1 Wyvrn for min/max

All skill Damage

2 skill tiers rerolled for weapon DMG

or if you chose to chase wyrvn and hana pieces

skill dmg/armor regen

headshot dmg

Gear Mods

All headshot DmG or Protection from elites/ AOK for survivability


Striker drone


Damage then everything else

Assault Turret


Damage then everything else

SHD Level 450-500 when testing

Can Perform Well at low SHD only scales higher with SHD Levels


high sustained damage when multiple combatants on the field

skill tier 6 requires to keep future perfection buff up i.e. focus red enemies

5 red weapon cores

900k armor

turret 125k bullet

striker 80k bullet full uptime


can complete all content


low mobility

single target damage low switch to harmony offhand not huge damage loss but noticeable

low damage on high armor target with out skill tier 6

slow ramp up time for full potential i.e. 30 kill tokens

Trouble with headshots can significantly affect dmg

8x scope not for everyone ill say that takes some time

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