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FPS drops / nvidia hfts/pcss ?

Hey Guys,

as the titele says im experiencing some big FPS drops in certain conditions and cant really pin point the culprit, but have strong guesses (hfts/pcss). Average FPS are around 65-85fps and if these drops occur its goes down to like 35-45 fps. Restarting the game helps, but it feels like some things are quickly piling up and crippling my FPS again.

So i checked HWInfo and Afterburner.
CPU max usage 70% for single core. Allcore around 40-50%.
GPU (ofc) 98-99%
RAM 8-9gb (standby memory gets quickly bloated so i use ISCL to counter that) <- Culprit 1 ?
VRAM 5-6gb of 8gb

Running the game on DX11 instead of DX12 (+10-15 fps)
Gamesettings are completely maxed out except
Streaming Distance and Object distance @ 0,8
Volumetric Clouds/Fog @ high
Particles @ high

Acer x34p 21:9 (3440×1440)
Ryzen 5 3600 @ 1900mhz IF
MSI b450 pro carbon AC
MSI rtx 2080 gaming x trio @ 2100mhz coreclk / 7800mhz memclk
Flare X 3200 cl14 @ 3800mhz cl16
Corsair MP510 nvme ssd
(all OC is stress tested over several hours and month of usage in many different games without issues)

BUT…if i turn off HFTS/PCSS my fps suddenly skyrocket to around 80-130fps and stay there. <- Culprit 2 ?

So my question is if there are known problems to this day with nvidia HFTS?
I read about that in posts 3 years ago but man who knows what has been patched in this time.
And if thats just pretty normal behavior, is there maybe some combo of graphic settings with HFTS that multiply workload like crazy? (thinking about streaming distance + HFTS = way more raytraced objects?)
In the end it isn't the performance hit im worried about (60fps would be perfectly fine) but that huge collapse of FPS after some time and the big gap of min-max fps. Its just too fuckin unstable that way :/

Any help would be highly appreciated

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