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From a beginner: the game has so much potential but the experience is very rough

I got the division 2 a few days ago and I really enjoyed the many things about the game such as the excellent cover system, great gun plays and the augmentation that you get from being in a squad with high-level friends. I really enjoyed how the game offers you the chance to sort of catch up with your friends and allowing many different play styles with different skills.

However, being a Ubisoft game, it is filled with bugs. The ones I encountered caused way too much damage to the experience of the game. For example, the crashes. I've spent 20 hours into the game currently and the game has probably crashed 20 or more times. I've tried many of the fixes online such as changing the paging files but none of it worked. The Ubisoft support team also hasn't responded to a support ticket I sent in a few days ago about this issue but still no response presumably due to lowered staffing from the ongoing pandemic. This bug is an absolute deal-breaker since I can finish the boss at the end of a level but then crash only for me to fight that boss again which has happened to me twice.

Another bug that was present during my time with the division 2 is the constant freezing and stuttering that I'm getting. The game would freeze for like 2 seconds and then resume (it is also how the crashes occur, the game freezes, backs out of fullscreen to windowed mode and then crashes). It is very annoying since I could be running to cover while NPCs are shooting and I would be stranded in from of their gunfire. This bug also sometimes glitches me into places such as under staircases which I'd have to restart to solve.

I'm not sure if these bugs happen to everyone or only to a small group of people (hopefully only a small group) but the fact that Ubisoft continues to produce buggy games like this that renders the game almost unplayable is quite a shame.
I think that the game has quite a good concept and they do deliver on those concepts. It also seems quite successful to me according to this player count site. I just hope that Ubisoft can start to pay attention to the different game-breaking bugs that might not affect everyone but affect people like me who has to save up and really consider what games. Bugs like these just shouldn't be here at all when people are paying up to 80 dollars to a huge company like Ubisoft.

If you guys are experiencing the same issue as I do, please tell me your fix if you have one. I'd really like to play this game but the reoccurring issue is quite a roadblock for me.

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