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Full-Red Loadout Suggestions

Hey all, World Tier 3 (hoping to hit Tier 5 and start WONY this weekend). A lot of people on here seem to have an eerily good grasp on effective builds so I wanted to see if anybody had any advice for my all red build.

Granted I’m not very well-versed in Gear Sets and Talents yet, but I’m a Sharpshooter Spec running a Diamondback and a Classic M44 sniper, with a lot of my gear focusing on getting those sweet sweet +15% headshot damage bonuses. However, my Survivability is low and I don’t like relying on Armor Kits too much. I like to follow a Doctrine of “Kill everything before it manages to hurt me” and “Wait patiently in cover until the opportunity to strike presents itself”.

But in prolonged gunfights my armor regen is practically non-existent. I’ve been considering swapping my backpack over to a Blue Core, using ReCal to swap it over to a Red Core and utilizing an “Armor Gain On Kill” mod to try to preserve myself a bit longer.

I also run cluster mines and, while they take out / severely wound Reds pretty consistently, does the Booster Hive increase damage / combat efficiency while on your back? And would it be worth replacing cluster seekers with the booster hive? (Second gadget is the Scan Drone that comes with Sharpshooter, not very damage oriented I know but I like knowing enemy positions and movements).

Any advice or suggestions on my ideas or about what’s personally worked for y’all?

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