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Getting ready for TU6

So amidst all the concerns and/or excitement of the next update (depending on the side of the fence you are on) i have gone about with a checklist of event-readiness tasks to complete before you download the next patch. You may add yours to these if you have others.

  1. Make sure you farm/unlock as many weapon and skills mods as possible you don't want to enter TU6 and realise the mod you needed for your Famas is still locked behind a CP4/project. Also as skill haste is also being increased, you will need skill mods that unlocks at lower levels say between 2200 and 2500 SP. so i would suggest you farm for mods (weapon DMG mods for SMGs and MMRS, bleed dmg mods for OD set and seeker mine, bleed resistance or EDR mods)

  2. Farm Materials. You will need lots of materials to recalibrate or craft that new weapon or gear stats so max out your electronics, polycarbonates, ceramics, steel and so on. you can try CPs – the Choke, Sinkhole, Solar Farm. you may also try the underground network around West Potomac for materials.

  3. Farm High DMG roll weapons Now it is clear that some weapons are going to be buffed in the new patch. So start farming for high damage rolls of those weapons. I chose to farm for these – Famas, Carbine 7, MPX, MP5 (if you like MMRs and don't have the Nemesis, farm for M700 carbon/tactical, Custom M44)

  4. Farm Specific Gear Talents Since the announcement of the new patch, it is clear a lot of talents will be viable alternatives and while it may be fun to start grinding once the patch drops, it might even better to upgrade your existing build with some of these talents. A few examples of these talents are Obliterate, Critical, Surgical, Vital, Insulated, Hard Hitting, Devastating, Destructive, Precise, Empowered, Creeping Death, Concussion, Terminate, Payload, Tech Support. Having at least a pair of these talents will give you an head start in the new patch.

  5. Clear your stash Remove any thing that won't/doesn't have a high stat roll or buffed talent in the next update. no need keeping the junk. save the gear that has a unique talent or attribute and junk the rest.

  6. Have a lot of in-game currency As you well know, you will be needing currency to re-roll those items and you don't want to be stuck at the recalibration station for lack of currency. Farm heroic and CP4 and get a lot of loot to sell. Have at least 100k in-game currency for the opening weeks of the new patch.

Please feel free to add yours.

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