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Group/enemy scaling in Summit Legendary Floors

Some friends and me were running the summit a couple hours the last two days for farming the 5 exotic pieces. We ran 81-100 2 times already and the thing that is really noticable is the group/enemy scaling. An example:

In a group of 3, on legendary floors enemies are mostly reds and purples, also the amount of enemies is significantly lower so that it sometimes is possible to finish a floor in less than 3 minutes.

In a group of 4 players, on legendary floors more yellow enemies are spawning, also the waves don't seem to stop because of the insane amount of enemies. It s one more player, so you expect the enemies to have more health etc, but the difference is way to high.

This can be especially well observed on the floors with drones, as with 3 players it feels like 40 drones are spawning while with 4 players it's easily 100+.

It s kind of a shame that the scaling is so out of place and just because one more player is in the group the content gets harder/stretched a lot.

Anybody else noticed that?

TLDR: Summit when in a group of 3 people is way easier than for 4, as way less enemies are spawning. The step to increase the enemy scaling seems not proportionately.

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