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Gun Customization: An idea that probably is so far from the developers mindset that it doesn’t matter

Before I begin, I want to say that I really don't think this is a priority, but more just something that could be extremely cool from multiple viewpoints.

I cannot be the only person who gets annoyed when you're looking through Weapon Attachments for the stat you need and it's…well, frankly, ugly. I'm sure there are people who don't care, and it's obviously not something that's stopping me from playing the game. But we see complaints pretty much every day on this reddit about more 'tacticool' options for gear. So why not expand that to attachments?

The problem with it as it currently stands is that specific model attachments are also tied to specific stats. The Acog Scope, for example, is always tied to Optimal Range, which frankly is a stat that feels a.) obsolete and b.) best suited for guns that look completely ridiculous with an Acog on them (take a look at a vector with an Acog on it). So here's my suggestion.

Separate Weapon Attachment models from stats all together.

Essentially, we would go into the the mod panel for our weapons. We'd choose whichever attachment model we wanted, and we'd choose the stat it provides to our build. So I could choose an Acog with Crit, or I could choose an 8x with Accuracy. But I can already hear you now! '35% Headshot DMG without requiring a zoom is horrible!' But is it, really? An absolute legion of guns can accept a 12x scope that make positively no sense to have them on, so clearly the stat value isn't that out of line with what the devs want. All this does it remove how ridiculous it looks to have a 12x on a shotgun. And if the number is THAT far out of line, I think MSV has shown that they have no problem adjusting said numbers haha.

Obtaining mods and the values they currently represent wouldn't change in any respect, it would merely mean completing that side quest or getting that recipe unlocks 2 things instead of one: The attachment model, and the stat value for our library.

The reason I really think this could be incredibly cool would be the ability to add new, 'custom' attachment models that simply cannot happen in the current system due to the need of them being associated with a stat. If you remove that element entirely, perhaps instead of 3 billion textiles in a season track, we could get a cool themed scope or underbarrel that fits that seasons theme. I can't speak for you, but I'd enjoy this far more than a backpack trophy.

And oh yea, microtransaction possibilities for days.

This really all stems from the fact that I think MSV is doing themselves a disservice by not investing in the 'transmog' game. To have a game so centered on this variety of unique cosmetics that we simply can't change is just bizarre to me. We need the ability to make our characters our own, which I feel is one of the core pillars of RPG's in general.

Besides, I can't be the only person annoyed by that brown ass Laser Pointer on the side of my gun.

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