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Hey Massive, no one wants to refarm the F’n Eagle Bearer.

TL;DR Nobody wants to redo the old raid, we want to do the new content. Just give us a level 40 Eagle Bearer blueprint and be done with it.

This may be presumptuous of me to assume, that nobody wants to redo the raid, but I'm willing to bet a good portion of the player base would rather not go through the RNG hell that is Operation Dark Hours Raid, just to get a level 40 eagle bearer. At least with the other exotics, you can get them again solo and this is completely fine, what is not fine however is taking everyone's COLLECTIVE hard work that was;

1.) Getting into a clan that always has 8 people on around the same time.

2.) Among that group of 8 people making sure everyone was competent in raid mechanics.

3.) Ensuring that those same 8 people would stick to raiding until everyone got EB.

Those three things alone make getting the EB extremely annoying to get and that's before even doing the raid, so the added RNG that you might not get the EB in your first, second, third, 50th attempt and so on, makes it even worse.

Do the right thing Massive, don't shit on people's hard work it just makes us shit on you even more. Let us upgrade the EB. I don't know about you guys but I would rather play the new content then play the old raid just to get 10 levels of EB.

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