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Hotty Shotty: Really fun solo PVE shotgun build (HF+FW)


Let's just preface this by saying that I've only used it for Challenging difficulty in missions and The Summit. This is not a new meta or minmaxed build and will not letyou solo Heroic or Legendary (or more specifically: so far I haven't managed to take a lvl 4 CP with it, but maybe you can :D).

I'm happy to hear suggestions/improvements but please see the build for what it is . As you can tell from my SHD level I fairly recently completed WONY and I do not run raids etc so if your only point is to say that it's trash because it would never survive Dark Hours/Iron Horse/etc you can save your outrage. 🙂


Lullaby/The Grudge, 4xHF + 1xBadger + Imperial Dynasty, Firewall spec.


This is how I distributed my tiers/attributes, full freedom but keep the shield happy.


  • Primary: Lullaby/Sweet Dreams
  • Secondary: The Grudge
  • Sidearm: Lightning Rod


  • Mask: Badger Tuff (+10% Shotgun damage)
  • Backpack/Chest/Gloves/Knees: Hunter's Fury
  • Holster: Imperial Dynasty (Exotic, sets closest enemy on fire every 35 sec)


  • Specialization: Firewall
  • First skill: Striker ballistic shield (Firewall)
  • Second skill: Striker drone (optional, could be any skill you prefer)

Play style

Well, it's a shotgun build so not a lot of strategies available beyond get up close and blast them in the face. Use shield when necessary, but if the NPCs are tightly grouped the disorient debuff from kills typically lets you clear a group without getting a lot of incoming damage.

Just like running a real shotgun, do tactical reloads as often as possible. For those who don't know the Lullaby is an SPAS-12 which means it reloads the shells individually, so topping up after a kill is fairly quick. It also allows you to break the reloading by clicking once, so that even if you reload from empty you can stop it and start blasting after reloading just a few shells.

If things get too much or someone is out of reach the striker drone comes out like a rabid pet, and even if your skill tier is low the distraction it provides is a great help and typically enough to get closer or even flank them to shoot out their tanks/ammo boxes/etc.

The Sandman talent on the Lullaby/Sweet Dreams is super useful for just decimating machine gunners, controllers, medics and other annoying veterans.

Use the Imperial Dynasty proc to your advantage and gun them down with The Grudge while burning for the Perfect Vindictive (+18% CHC/CHD) buff or simply utilize its CC properties and focus on gunning down the non-burning NPCs first while the first one does the flame dance. (And btw, the spontaneous combustion is hilarious.)

The Grudge is also grateful to use on the disorient affected NPCs from the HF proc to activate Perfect Vindictive. I prefer to use the SMG only after building HF stacks, the shotgun just have so much more punch.

Thanks to the buff marker that pops up above NPC heads you get a free close range pseudo-pulse, so when you see a large bunch of those buff icons coming through a door switch to the K8-JetStream Flamethrower and go to town.


There is plenty of room for improvement and tweaks. A lot of the key elements comes from the gear set so tier balance and exact attributes used can be varied depending on play style.

I'm just using the exotic holster because I love procs and it's such a nice little bonus crowd control, strengthened by the burn duration in Firewall.

Some things to consider instead of Imperial Dynasty:

  • A second piece of Badger Tuff for additional +10% armor on kill
  • A piece of Sokolov to gain a +10% SMG damage for the secondary.
  • HF holster and replace chest or backpack with your favorite talent.
  • HF holster and mask, replace chest and backpack with your favorite talents.

If you don't have a Lullaby or Sweet Dreams you can use a high end SPAS-12 (or experiment with the other shotgun variants) and for instance a Lady Death or Chatterbox as secondary instead. Granted you might not have those either, but at least the Chatterbox can be crafted fairly easily, and if you're desperate the Lullaby can literally be bought in the store via the Deluxe Pack (for 1000 Premium Credits).

Finishing words

Holy mother, I did not anticipate it to become this wall of text. I just really wanted to share how and why I'm enjoying this build. 😀

PS. I hope I flared it correctly. FAQ says I should mark it with Build but there is no such flair.

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