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How-to: My dirty raid guide for players with no friends

I've seen a lot of people saying that they aren't able to clear the raid because they don't have friends who play. So, I'm going to address how to find a raid and the absolute bare minimum that you need to do in each fight. This is not a raid guide in the traditional sense. This is how to succeed as a new person joining a group of people who know how to do the raid. This is not the optimal strategy for experienced players. It's just a way to make things easier for you and your raid.

I've written each item as a prioritized list. 1 is the most important and 6 is the least important.


  1. Don't die
  2. Communicate. You can do it without a mic. You can't do it without someone on a mic communicating.
  3. DPS


Do these before beginning to search for your raid group

  1. Have unbreakable (or as a second less great option efficient) on your chest piece. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES USE GLASS CANNON (See priority 1)
  2. Have a DPS build (without undoing #1). It doesn't need to be amazing. I'd say reds with 50% ish on the bars is fine. You aren't a rock star. Just a useful rock.
  3. Watch a video on the raid on YouTube. All of the big streamers have one. Just watch it so that you know what is going on and kind of know where things are.

For skills: I recommend jammer pulse and revive hive.

For weapons: AR/LMG/Rifle are all viable. M1A is preferred in TU9.1 but that could change. You just need to be able to dps at medium range.

Search for a raid group

I'm going to address this last to incentivize reading the whole guide

  1. Be clear about your being inexperienced

Before Boomer

Just do what everyone else does, you just need to shoot things.


  1. Because you told your team that you're new, they're going to understand when you tell them that you know how the computers work and you'd like to work a computer
  2. There are 4 computers in the middle of the room, labelled A,B,C,D. Pick a letter any letter. Stand next to the computer.
  3. Do not leave the computer.
  4. If someone calls your letter, you need to stop what you're doing and go activate the computer (It's the 'f' button on PC, not sure what the console binds are)
  5. Clear adds. Kill all of the NPCs that aren't Boomer.
  6. Don't worry about DPSing Boomer. He's gated so any competent raid group is already way over-DPSing him anyways. (If your raid has trouble with DPS the first time through, talk to them about how to dps boomer without fucking the whole raid)

WARNING: Look at your group menu in the lower right. It's normal, right? Cool. When a boss is focusing on you a red eye will appear there. If Boomer attacks you or you see the red eye, you didn't follow steps 1-6. Don't worry. It's not a wipe. You need to run Boomer back to the people who are doing all the wacky running and shooting on the outside. Try your best to keep him out of the computers.

In Between Bosses (all of them) You just need to do the same thing between all of the bosses for now

  1. Don't run in front, don't lag behind. Just stay with the main group of people.
  2. Don't touch anything. There are a couple of buttons/switches that you can flip and mess things up for other people. Don't flip anything.
  3. Between bosses you're going to be collecting keys. Make sure your group knows that you don't know where they are. They'll point you to them.


This fight is really easy for you. There are a few different ways of doing this fight, your group will tell you where to go and who to shoot, but this priority list will help you out regardless of who you're fighting. Go to whichever side your raid group tells you to

  1. If you hear a beeping noise, there's a grenade icon over your head, or the boss is attacking you — get away from the other people in your party.
  2. If gas is orange, shoot the boss everyone else is shooting.
  3. If gas is purple, don't shoot the boss. You can shoot the sniper adds up top, but you should focus on staying alive.


There are a lot of different strats for this fight. They are all pretty unique so ask your raid group to stop and explain what they want you to do here. I guarantee there is another experienced raider who is confused unless you're in a group who runs the raid together regularly. So, I'm not going to focus on the mechanics because it can be very different.

  1. Lucy has a 360 spin, like a lot of warhounds, except that Lucy's insta-kills you. If you have LOS on Lucy and it begins the spin, you need to be in cover. Stay in cover until you're 100% sure the spin stops.

Sneaking the how to find a raid group info in the middle here to encourage people to actually read this:

It's pretty easy. Log onto the Discords, find the looking for raid channel and advertise that you are new to the raid and looking for a raid. It can take up to a few hours to find a group, but I have helped and see other new (to raid) players getting helped all the time.

Regardless of platform, Discord is the way to go:

  1. Official LFG Discord (Seems to have a North American timezone slant, but there are plenty of users
  2. Community LFG Discord This was the original LFG Discord in TD1. Mostly old TD1 players now. It seems to have a bit of a European slant.
  3. The Division PC LFG Smaller Discord, but they specifically have people who volunteer to lead inexperienced players through the raid.


You made it, the final boss. Tell your raid that you'd prefer to be on adds. Your job will be to kill the extra npcs that spawn around the edges and be on the watchout for Boomers/Chungas/Heavy heavies

  1. Stay out of the circles
  2. Stay alive.
  3. Look for the Heavy. There's a heavy (eventually two) that will randomly spawn in one of the four corners and run to the missile launcher there.
  4. If the Heavy is in your corner, call it out. Then immediately run behind it and look for the hole in its armor at its butt. Shoot the hole until the heavy dies. If the heavy completes the missile launcher sequence the whole raid dies, so it's important that you prioritize this.
  5. You're in a corner with another player. Your job is to keep the NPCs away from them while they complete the boss mechanic.
  6. When they open up Razorback, people will use jammer pulses to destroy drones. Time yours so that you aren't double pulsing a wave of drones and can keep dpsing the weakpoints.
  7. DPS the weakpoints on Razorback. There are sometimes strats with this, sometimes people go for the free-for-all just do what your team does here.
  8. When smoke comes out of Razorback, he's launching rockets. You need to immediately sprint towards your corner, roll to avoid rockets, and avoid other players so you don't run into each other's rockets. Unbreakable is great if you mess up here.
  9. Keep picking up medkits. This is a marathon fight, not a sprint.
  10. After you kill Razorback, go back to your missile launcher and stare at the small screen that the heavy interacts with. When it turns red, shoot it until it blows up.

Grats. That's the whole raid in as few steps as possible for a new 40.

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