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Hunters Fury or True Patriot for Support tank build?

I have some great builds and to make variability better, I would like to build some Support tank build.

Specialization is Firewall, because of the additional damage my team does to enemies around me, and because of the shield, so again, my team does amplified damage based on enemies in front of my shield.

So I need to be tanky, to withstand all the damage in the frontlines.

Basically I guess all major attributes (or at least 4 or 5) into blue and shield, while smaller attributes into red and CHC and CHD. Like that I should have around 1,7+mil armor, around 60% CHC and some CHD. Weapon is mainly Scorpio.

Talents should be Vanguard on chest, to provide teammates with my armor regularly and than either Adrenaline rush on backpack (to ensure my survivability) or Opportunist, to even more add to my team damage, as they will be dealing more damage to any enemy I will shot at with my Scorpio.

Brands Badger Tuff and Belstone armory, each one piece.

But the question is. Should I go with 4 piece Hunters Fury, or True Patriot? Because the bonuses of True Patriot does not seem all that great to me on paper, compared to Hunters Fury. But as I was testing it, it was actually True Patriot, where we had better runs on Heroic missions.

Both builds/sets were relatively even in terms of rolls. So I would like to check which set I should now start farming on purpose 🙂

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