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I honestly don’t think Massive are going to be capable of fixing DIV2. There seems to be no vision or concept of FUN.

I genuinely think Massive are trying to make a good game. I honestly do. I KNOW there's a lot of really talented and creative and awesome people over there working on this game.

I also genuinely don't think it matters and this game will never truly be fixed.

I've lost count of the number of times Massive have overhauled or "fixed" the two games in the Division series. Honestly. Every few months you see some pretty big change or rework as Massive go from one extreme to the other without ever seeming to play or understand their own game. Let's look at some examples of what's wrong with Div 2 currently:

  • The entire skill mod system is worthless. They are a needless pain to sort through, are for some reason locked so you can't run the same mods on one skill and make truly focused skill builds, far too many, and do next to nothing (+4% duration, are you kidding me??) and honestly can't justify their existence right now. Like jesus at worst just make a mod style recalibration library???

  • Game balance is quite literally all over the map. Seriously. You can play a tank and have a great time doing CDC headquarters, having some close calls but genuinely feel pretty useful, then you can play Federal Emergency Bunker and want to blow your brains out when you go down for the 11th time from sticking your foot in poison or fire. While FULL SHIELD AND ARMOR.

  • CP's have been broken for weeks now. And why? They were working perfectly fine before? Why roll out a change to them until you'd tested it? This isn't a bug that you could only find with lots of players, the entire system behind them is quite literally broken and there's no excuse that made it through testing.

  • Weapon balance is also all over the universe. The entire red meta right now is literally just run two M1A's. That's it. Shotguns are garbage, and marksmen rifles are pretty garbage and slow and every other rifle is worthless. Even most Assault rifles are passed over because a crit SMG or LMG build is vastly preferred especially thanks to the large ammo pools.

  • These "events" so far are very clearly quickly slapped together. Or else not a single person at Massive plays anything other than DPS. How are support/CC/Healer/Tank players supposed to do the event? TU8 was supposed to encourage build diversity yet you make it so everyone needs to play a DPS to do the league and Polarity events??? Do you have two completely separate teams making this game?

  • MOST exotics are pretty pointless. I don't care much exotics myself honestly but the whole point of exotics are supposed to be these cool powerful pieces of gear that fit a specific playstyle or roll that further encourages build diversity. Right now though? The old exotics are just trash and the new ones are incredibly bland. The mask is literally just a crit piece and the tarigrade chest is just "here have armor whenever yours breaks oof so interesting". SURELY there's some people at massive with more creativity than that.

  • There are FARRRRR too many things to matchmake for in this game and FARRRR too few players for it all. Unless you're doing the flavour of the week good luck trying to find any players in this CO-OP MULTIPLAYER game outside of a 20 minute wait, if you're lucky. Why can't you just add a fill queue that gives decent rewards and puts players into any random mission party? Furthermore why isn't there an option to have your world space be public like areas in Destiny are for example? Why is this co-op multiplayer game so anti social??

  • Why weren't dedicated roles a focus from the very beginning? Shit we don't even have something as basic as role icons so when I join a party I can tell right away what everyone is whether thats DPS, healing or tank or a hybrid? I've seen a full red rifle player with two healing skills so unless I go check his gear (which is a pain and I have to stop to do) how am I supposed to know if hes a dedicated healer or not??? Just base the role icon off of the players highest attributes?? If you have high repair skill obviously you're a healer??

  • Why was all the progress from Div 1 thrown out??? Seriously I know it's a dead horse but Div 1 WAS in a pretty good place with 1.8. Why did you take that success and throw it out the window and just relaunch Div 1 1.0 again?? And where is Survival and even the Underground??

  • There are FAR too many bugs for what should have just been an expansion to a game.

I think that covers some of the big stuff. Honestly in general Massive just doesn't seem to understand why people love the division or whats actually fun about their game. All you have to do is PLAY IT and think to yourself "is getting a 7th +4% duration skill mod that you can't even stack and makes 0.0001% of difference FUN"???? Is that ENJOYABLE? Does it give you a feel of satisfaction or excitement?

Spoiler: No of course it doesn't.

Make the game FUN while still CHALLENGING. Cheap deaths or almost unavoidable high damage such as poison or fire is not challenging. Make the game actually co-op/multiplayer. If you want to have such an absurd amount of things to have matchmaking for you need a way to push players into them. Or at least make it cross platform jesus. Make the game feel REWARDING and not "oh shit this is my 8th time dropping an exotic that barely does anything anyways and the stat rolls are garbage…yay?" the game is desperately in need of something exciting.

Thanks for joining me on my Ted Talk, again I have a huge respect for Massive devs and I hope everyones staying safe out there but, it's just really frustrating to see SO MUCH POTENTIAL in the Division 2 that for some reason, Massive either has no idea what to do with it or doesn't even see it.

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