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I Tested The Drop Rates of Summit 11.1

Let me start this by saying that the ability to choose your own targeted loot is an amazing addition and a good start to enticing players to farm the summit, the ability to choose 9 directives to give yourself a challenge and get better loot is amazing too.

For this test I ran floors 1-20 searching for rifles on heroic, one with all 9 directives, the other with no directives on.

Keep in mind that this test is largely based on random chance, but with the 9x multiplier on loot with 9 directives you would think that it would be a massive difference, right?

I began by running through 10 floors with 9 directives on, not the most pleasant experience, but a necessary one… by the time I beat the floor 10 boss I had 17 rifles to my name.

I then turned directives off and ran through to floor 20, by the time I beat the floor 20 boss, I had 24 new rifles, interesting difference…

Even with the 9x multiplier I ended up getting more rifles from no directives than I did with all directives on, the only noticeable difference being that the rifles I got with all 9 directives had better rolls on them.

Sadly yet another thing in this game doesn’t work as intended, and the summit is only slightly better off than it once was.

TLDR: 17 with all directives, 24 with none, directives lessen your chance of getting gear

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