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I think it’s time to take a look at grenades

I'm going to make this short.

  1. Grenades should be able to be used by any specialization.

Reason: I unlocked them so why shouldn't I get to use them whenever I want?

  1. Increase all grenade range by 2 meters.

Reason: Every grenade that isn't the Incendiary just sucks to be honest.

  1. Allow all grenades to be cooked.

Reason: It makes sense and should be able to be done for every grenade without the use of a chest talent.

  1. Buff Chest Talent – Mad Bomber.

Buff Idea: Mad Bomber +50% radius increase Remove cook ability. Cooked grenades deal 10 – 50% extra damage based on how long it's cooked. Grenades that kill an enemy grant 30s of unlimited grenades and increase throw speed by 20%. Cooldown: 90s +15% bonus armor while aiming grenade.

Reason: Mad Bomber has to compete with so many other great chest talents, it just seems like a waste at the moment.

  1. Most enemies shouldn't roll out of grenades if staggered.

Reason: Enemies just roll through all grenades when thrown even if staggered, to fix this, I propose this: Purple and Red bars should never roll if staggered. Elites should be less likely to roll out of grenades but shouldn't do it all the time. Named should always roll even if staggered.


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