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idea for expeditions

Looking forward to the mastery system being implemented, but I'm afraid it won't be enough to make the mode enticing because you'd still be doing the same 3 sub missions over and over?

What if massive created a pool of different echoes/sub missions attached to them, say, a pool of 10 new ones, that will randomly get picked when you start a new expedition, so each expedition is actually different objectives each time? I feel like this will tide over a lot of players who miss the UG, which along with the mastery stuff, could equal a really fun mode. I just feel like the mastery stuff by itself is not gonna give that new experience each time, if you're always doing bombs, terminals, etc.

I know this is a lot to ask manpower wise but this would turn what feels like a universally disliked mode into something people will do over and over. Plus it would be something you could keep adding to regularly over time, eventually it would end up really good, without continued investment in new environments etc, just a dude scripting new enemy spawns basically. The college is really well designed on it's own, make the most of it.

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