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Ideas and Wishes for The Division 3

Remember that this is just what I would like to see for the Future of the game, I'm not saying that everyone should agree or anything like that; It's just something I would like to discuss:

For The Division 3, we should go to California.

We should get a region spanning from LA to Bay Area, having downtown San Francisco as the Starting area and going as the Agents move on the city of LA that became a complete Dark Zone. It should be a HUGE Dark Zone, to reflect the vast area that is LA. LA has almost double the Area of NY and DC combined and Massive is no stranger to make big maps; so it would be quite something to see.

One Major Idea I would like to see in the next Division game, would be Player raiding of bases and some-level of base construction and management; I think it would be great to see something like Metal Gear Phantom Pain FOB Raids. I wouldn't be against more base building and management elements as well. We could have a combination of building elements inside the Dark Zone; So our progress in the Dark Zone would feel more concrete and it would make the landscape more dynamic.

On top of the FOB Raiding Idea, it would also be interesting to see a Faction interaction mechanic; We haven't actually being able to do Diplomacy with the Warlords in DC/NY; But in LA it could be a different situation that would require looking for more diplomatic solutions; In some cases even looking the other way in other to bring back any vestige of Civilization and Progress. In that way we could have players actually picking sides in Lvl 30 to get specific bonus, as they reach the end-game. As such we could have players making their FOBs in Black Tusk territory or the equivalent. There would always be an option to change factions, but that would reset the Faction Level.

Combine these two elements and you have a Dark Zone that is turned into somewhat of a faction warzone, with the players being more than just adventurers passing by. We could have specific FOB zones inside the Dark Zone servers, and the players would have to claim these area to their faction in order to begin improving on it, once they started placing improvements they would even be able to hire Faction NPCs to populate and patrol their areas. In that way each server would be a sprawling battle between Factions with Players taking the reins on what would happen.

It would be necessary to put some measures to prevent any over-populated faction to steamroll the others; But that is more delicated and could be resolved with a improved map and maybe some time limits before rolling adjacent locations. I don't have a precise answer on the best way to balance it.

Also, we should get dirt bikes and ATVs to move around in somewhat of post-apocalyptic mounts; Cars would be out of the question because the streets are still blocked in much of the crossroads; But dirt bikes and ATVs are something doable and that would fit the Scenario. In the big map, with players actually disputing territory the Fast Travel would have to be only to true neutral areas, as such it would be good to place a good distance between each base.

Last, but not least, the PVE aspect could really see some upsides from a more complex base management and building aspect for the players that follow the Story and really want to see the City changing around them as they complete the missions. You could clean entire neighborhoods coming back to life as you restore Medical, Power and Security for each block of the city; Moving your objectives with the frontlines as you see fit; And even having some PVE Raids happening on areas previously secured.

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What you guys think? Would you play a Division game with a Larger DZ with buidable locations on it?

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