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Is anyone else just actually having fun?

Boy I feel like I'm the crazy one here looking at all the complaints in this subreddit. Even before the most recent update I had a lot of fun when the WoNY expansion dropped.

Yes, challenging missions were difficult, but after a while of matchmaking with randoms and farming loot, I put together some builds that made challenging quite a lot easier. I was able to solo challenging with little problems at all.

Now with the latest update, because we seem to kill enemies faster, content has gotten quite a lot easier. As long as you stay safe and make sure you're not exposed, you can pretty much kill most enemies with as little time possible. I solo'd my first heroic mission and completed it in 32 minutes, which I didn't think was that bad for first time.

I think a lot of people are upset at the whole "oPtIMiZe YoUr BuIld" thing that goes around a lot here, but the only complaints I see are from folks here who are the loudest about it. If you matchmake with people, you will find people with very competent builds, with very good stats. I saw someone with gear where only 1 piece didn't have god rolled stats. But these people are what make these missions possible.

Yes, I get a lot of people want to play solo, but this game isn't designed for just solo play. Sure you can complete it solo, but the idea is to get you to utilize others who are out there. Use call for backup, or use matchmaking to your advantage and you will find this game to be a lot easier.

My fear is that massive will give in and make this game the cakewalk it was when TU6 came out. I hope to god that doesn't happen. But this minority of users on this subreddit is very loud, and clearly Massive is listening, so we will see.

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