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It’s been a minute, Agents

I’ve been a player since D1. Cheesing Falcon lost, wall glitching Scarecrow. All that good stuff. I walked away from D1 when Ubi said they were going to ban people for exploiting glitches they let slip through. This sub, this group, convinced me to come back, and in doing so, let me to meet a person I would come to consider a close friend. Even more shocking was that he lived 30 minutes away.

We were ruthless and PVP focused from the start. We had others in our group that would play as well, but he and I were always on the same page. We could take on 4 man groups just the 2 of us. I loved the game again and we played every night, sometimes 6-8 hours at a time. Sleep be damned. He was there for me through my worst. Unemployment, the death of my father-in-law, and more. We carried this bond into D2 and picked right back up where we left off. He gave me my eagle barer, and we killed & looted many an agent. Always on the same page with what we did without a word spoken.

One month ago, I got the notice that he had passed away in an accident. It cut deep. He’d been there almost every night for 4 years. I look at the last text we sent, and his gamer tag everyday. It still doesn’t seem real. I miss the game. I miss the community, but I can’t even bare to pick up the controller now. I don’t know why I’m writing this now. I’m not coming back. I know people die everyday. I know we all make that trip sooner or later. What I do want people to know is that for me, this has been more than a game, and I miss my friend.

Agent out.

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