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Kind of new, kind of not – questions

So I picked up TD2 when it dropped but only played maybe 10-20% of the campaign before moved on (played the hell out of TD1 so I got bored). Now that I decided to sit out of an Escape from Tarkov wipe, I picked this back up and I'm having a blast…solo. So, I completed the campaign and cleared, I think, 99% of the PVE map and then the map reverted to Black Tusk invasion. I decided to not really do much of that map because I wanted to jump into the tantalizing WLONY campaign. I think I'm about 15% through and got my first specialization pick up (holographic decoy). I only went into TDZ once when I discovered the entrance before I went to New York.

So here's my questions… Now that I'm climbing from 30 to 40 all over again, should I attempt going into TDZ or wait until I get to 40 and go back to DC?

Also, before I went to NYC and while I was running through the vanilla campaign, I noticed there were some exotic weapons and gear I could craft (and I assume pick up). How would one go about acquiring these? Mostly, the blueprints. Are there more with this DLC/season we're in now?

I know this is a wall of text but thanks for reading and possibly answering!

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