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Massive, can you please take a look at all of the “on kill” stuff you keep adding to the game… please?

While a staple of the genre, I think in any group focused game, kill skills suck. A great, team based game, should promote synergy between players – not have them fighting with each other, to make their builds work.

I say this because I recently got the Backfire SMG, I absolutely love it, but find it borderline unusable in pretty much any group at any difficulty above challenging.

I want to love this exotic. It is beautifully designed in a sort of edgy early 00s way. It is mechanically interesting too with the whole high risk, high reward, playstyle and I enjoy that Massive added it with a bunch of gear that supports maximising the guns utility. However, because builds required to really maximise this are kill skill based, I just find it really hard to make any use of.

You go for something like Bloodsucker, Gunner and three piece minimum Hunters for massive amounts of armour on kill, to offset that bleed damage. A great idea on paper, but having to constantly fight with three guys with shields leeroying into the middle of a fight trying to get final blows with this SMG just to not kill yourself with it, is not fun. Especially in a game with such fucky hit detection, as it is.

I know it'll probably be controversial to say, but I'd honestly much prefer getting a fraction of the armour in return but have it on hit, so I don't need to be wrestling with my teammates to procc the survivability this build lives on.

I know me and you Massive will never agree on the now mostly forgotten TP nerfs, but God damn it, that was basically the last time we had any survivability in this game and I just really miss it.

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