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My First Guide – A Guide On Full Red DPS Builds For WoNY Players

Hi agents! I've been using a full red DPS build for a long time and I couldn't find any guides on DPS builds on this sub and since helping others seems like the best thing to do nowadays, I decided to make a guide on DPS builds!

Basics Of Full Red DPS Builds

The purpose of a DPS build is well…to deal a lot of damage per second. To do that, most builds rely on critical hits by increasing the critical hit chance and critical hit damage (CHC and CHD). The cap for CHC is 60% while there are no limitations for CHD.

And, always prioritize weapon damage. If you have CHC and CHD stats on a piece already, just increase the weapon damage. It's basically the most important stat as your crit damage still relies on weapon damage.

To reach the best amount of CHC and CHD, you'll need to use the correct brand sets, weapon attachments, and gear mods. Most people prefer 3 Providence, Fox's Prayer (Overlord brand set) kneepads, 1 Ceska/Gruppo Contractor's Gloves (Petrov brand set)/1 Fenris or the same except with Coyote's Mask by ditching one of the other pieces (Gruppo/Ceska/Providence).

Now, some pieces depend on what you need and what you will use. If you are using an LMG and a rifle, there is no better option than Contractor's Gloves and Fox's Prayer. All gear items come with 2 attributes which can be CHC and CHD but those 2 named items can only have 1, -as they already have a pre-set attribute- which means you will have less CHC and CHD but don't let that upset you! The Damage to Target Out of Cover and Damage to Armor bonuses you get are gonna be well worth it.

If you decide to use an Assault Rifle, you should use 1 Fenris piece instead of Contractor's Gloves. Everything else can stay the same.

And for Gruppo/Ceska. There are many ways to gain CHC and CHD. One of them being these two brand sets. Ceska gives 10%CHC while Gruppo gives 15%CHD. You should choose which one to use depending on your final stats. The watch will give you 10%CHC and 20%CHD when maxed which means if you can reach 60%CHC with Ceska before you get any(or max) CHC points on the watch, then you can just replace that with Gruppo once you get enough points.

What Your Goal Should Be

First of all, you should use the Gunner specialization. It's just the best for DPS. But, you can use Technician for the Linked Laser Pointer and use the talent Spotter on your chest piece. If you are using an exotic and can't use the Linked Laser Pointer, you can still use the Tactician Drone(which requires the Sharpshooter specialization) with Spotter.

Your critical hit chance should be 55% or above. If you have reached 55% and you can increase it at the cost of critical hit damage, don't increase the CHC. Anything above 55% is fine and just invest in CHD once you reach there and any improvements once you reach 55%CHC will be mostly going to waste.

And for CHD, it honestly depends on your weapon and gear. As I said, using Fox's Prayer and Contractor's Gloves will give you less CHC and CHD but you will be dealing more damage so I'll leave my stats using these gear pieces(yours may vary because of the rolls).

1 – 3 Providence, 1 Ceska, Fox's Prayer and Contractor's Gloves

2 – 2 Providence, 1 Ceska, Fox's Prayer, Contractor's Gloves, Coyote's Mask (Everything Else Is The Same As Number 1)

3 – 3 Providence, 1 Fenris, 1 Gruppo, Fox's Prayer

4 – 2 Providence, 1 Gruppo, 1 Fenris, Fox's Prayer, Coyote's Mask

Note: Keep in mind that you will have +25%CHD from Coyote's Mask if you use your weapon for close range. If you will use it for medium-long range too, you can leave it near 50 or 45%CHC.

Also, all the attachments used on the LMG and AR were providing 10%CHC and 5%CHD.

If you decide to use the Eagle Bearer, you will have the same stats but with 10% more CHD (as long as you are comparing it to an AR that is getting 10%CHC from the attachments)

So you should be using 1 Ceska if you are in need of CHC and Gruppo if you already reach 55%CHC without Ceska.

Preferred Gear Pieces And Talents

Chest Piece

The Sacrifice named chest piece is good. It has the talent Perfect Glass Cannon and if you can manage to get used to it, it'll let you deal a ton of damage but if you don't like the extra 60% damage you take, use Unbreakable, Obliterate or Spotter on the chest piece.

You can use Fenris here if you are using an AR but other than that, this has to be Providence.


If you decide to use Coyote's Mask and if you are using your primary for CQC, try to reach 55%CHC but if you are planning to use it for 15m or further most of the time, you can stick with 50, or even 45%CHC.

If you aren't using Coyote's Mask, use a Providence mask or a Fenris mask(if you are using an AR).


The Gift named backpack is good but not really worth the grind. It has the talent Perfect which isn't that perfect.

Regardless of the brand you are using, just use Vigilance. It's a powerful talent and losing the buff for 4s when you take damage isn't such a huge deal. You can still deal a lot of damage even while it's inactive.

And again, you can use this as the Fenris piece if you are using an AR but other than that, this will be Providence.


If you are using an LMG, just use the Contractor's Gloves. If not, you can use Fenris/Gruppo/Ceska.




Fox's Prayer

Note: Try to have CHD on your named pieces(Fox's Prayer and Contractor's Gloves)

Preferred Weapons, Weapon Talents, And Attributes


Infantry MG5, Minor Attribute: Damage to Armor, Talent: Fast Hands/Strained/Optimistic

About the talent, it depends. You hate the long reload on the LMGs? Use Fast Hands. You are okay with a long reload? Use Strained or Optimistic.


Eagle Bearer/FAMAS/SIG 556/Custom P416…, Minor Attribute: Damage to Target Out Of Cover, Talent: Fast Hands/Strained/Optimistic.

Again, if you want faster reloads, use Fast Hands but I don't find the reload speed of ARs that slow so I usually run Strained but I don't recommend Strained for FAMAS users as you won't be able to benefit from the bonus as much as other ARs because of the high fire rate.


Classica M1A, Minor Attribute: Damage to Target Out Of Cover, Talent: Boomerang

You can use the Baker's Dozen named rifle too which is just an M1A with the talent Perfect Lucky Shot.

Keep in mind that these are the best choices(as I've observed), not the only choices. There are many fun alternatives to these guns and don't limit yourself with the ones I've suggested.


Fixer Drone and Reviver Hive are the best. If you hate Reviver Hive because of the cooldown, you can use Decoy too.


All in all, using a full red build means throwing away some survivability for faster TTK and there are many ways to use a full red DPS build. It all comes down to what you enjoy!

Sorry if this was too long. I've never made a post like this and if some of the points I made are wrong or if there are any grammar mistakes(which I believe there will be), feel free to point them out in a kind way! Hope this helped, have a nice day!

(You should also check u/Vikeman45's posts for more info. Especially this one!)

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