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My “get out of cover you b*tch” build

I finnaly started to use the optimization station, even with this not being fully optimized, either in attributes and rolls, I tought I should share this here with the community. It's not a "WOW" build, it's a pretty straight forward one, but I find it pretty decent and effective.

Here's the screenshot of it

The grupo mask is a skill tier rolled one, I rerolled the weapon damage to skill tier, the other attributes are skill haste and skill damage, not at maximum values yet.

The bag is the classic Hana-U perfect combined arms, I have it full rolled at skill damage and armour regeneration.

The chest is a china with skilled, 25% chance of refreshing skills on skill kills, rolled at maximum with skill damage and haste.

The grupo gloves are a piece that is missing a attribute yet, weapon damage remained as I run tec spec, the attributes are status effect (useless) and skill damage, been looking last few days for grupo pieces with skill damage and haste, but it's pretty hard to get lucky, I also use this at my fully demolitionist explosive build, so, they are great on there.

The holster is a Hana-u full rolled at skill damage and armour regeneration.

The wyvern knees are fully rolled at skill damage and haste.

My primary weapon is the capacitator, I use it when the big boys are about to come or when theres lots of red and purples, the stacks are easy to keep up and its easier to get kills from my skills in crowded areas.

The secondary is a harmony, I fire it a lot because the capacitor can ran out of bullets pretty fast, so I tend to save it and use the rifle for more spread line of enemies.

Skills are turret and seeker mines, turret is always shooting, so am I, (very important those 2 blue attributes) and it's health will grant me a refresh from the chest piece, and seekers hits the targets consistently, because enemies tend to focus on me and turret, and also, they will get out of cover nevertheless, making again sure that turret will get them and refresh my seekers.

Now, don't ask me numbers, because I don't pay much attention, but I think the turret is hitting around 160k, and my seekers are around 3.5M, but it's kind of new build I've made this weekend, I'm not yet sure how to get the best out it yet, what I know is that it kill mobs pretty well. The capacitator is a great gun indeed.

I made this to legendary level, as I was a bit tired of turret/drone combo and tanker is a bit frustrating to use. I can now let my skills to the work as well, but they are not working alone anymore! Give this a try (if you haven't already) and enjoy!


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