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My Thoughts about Summit (as a Solo Player for now)

So, today I finally started playing Summit and I decided to start on floor one to get the intended experience of fighting up the whole building while it gets harder.

After 10 Floors I closed the Game.

Not because it was too hard but because I was annoyed by multiple Design Decisions they made.

  1. Why do I have to collect an access Card for the First door on the floor with no enemies around and no timer or anything? It's just a waste of time and nerves making me pick up something with no added benefit or difficulty. It's basically a fetch quest.
  2. I had Rogue Drones 4! times while doing 10 floors. That's 20% of all encounters. And something where you have to sit in a small circle while drones continuously spawn all around you is bad for Solo play. It wasn't hard because it was on normal difficulty but that doesn't change the fact that it already made me dread higher flloors.
  3. EMP Jammers! Not the ones that make you unable to use skills, which would also be a Problem because it would make running skill builds an inconvenience but the invincible ones that damage you with pulses. I can repeat my statement from 2. Everything that makes you stand in a small circle when playing solo is questionable design. There is no planning or positioning involved if there is no choice to make. I can't decide to split up and have some People give cover. The Fact that it basically takes away all your armor and is also able to kill you makes it even worse with no one there to pick you up or heal you.
  4. The size of the levels. I fondly remember underground from Division 1 and I was looking forward to Summit a lot. But where Underground felt almost cinematic at times and very atmospheric Summit just feels bland. I contribute that mostly to how cramped and repetitive everything felt even after only 10 Floors. That's mostly because 10 Floors isn't really 10 Floors but 20 small arenas that basically all feel the same. And while I initially liked the Idea of fighting up a skyscraper i have now realized that Massive have severely limited themselves with that choice. There isn't really a lot of diversity you can have within a skyscraper. While Underground was also mostly traintracks, you also had caves and train stations and other things which broke up the monotony a little bit. Especially in terms of height and shape of the maps. Now everything is just square rooms where walls and flair are the only varied thing.
  5. Windows! I know that this has been mentioned before, but I feel that the lack of Windows contributes a lot to the feeling of crampedness. And where the lighting is normally a strong point for massive here it falls short. I also feel like they should have just put the Building somewhere into the Map and have us actually feel like we are ascending by looking out the Windows and having the Buildings slowly get smaller and smaller. It might be a resources thing but I don't think Summit is that intensive when it comes to Hardware Requirements.

That's it for the Moment. I know I will definitely play Summit again just to get to the Top even though I'm disappointed right now.

What do you Guys think? Is my critique valid? Do you disagree? Did I miss something?

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