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My Updated Ultimate Shield Build for solo Agents

It's been a couple of months since I posted my previous build:

TU11 dropped and it was time to reassess the build and improve it further. So the new build is as follows (shown without full Memento buffs):

Gone is the Alps BP with Vigilance and in comes the Memento BP. Without buffs my artificer hive is sat at 77%, healing my shield by 77% every 10s. With full Memento buffs – not difficult to achieve when you are solo, my shield tops out at over 22m and the artificer hive jumps to 93% and my Regulus is hitting for over 1.8m headshot crits. Any flanking damage is largely mitigated by turning to the flanker and letting the Foundry Bulwark chest and remaining FB do their healing. This build took me to floor 100 on The Summit and it's only weakness is getting hit by EMP ammo which, even if you drop the artificer hive, disrupt your shield. Jumping in to cover and blind firing is the best option when this occurs plus focus firing the EMP ammo shooter as a priority. Improvements over the old build are:

Headshot crits up from max 1.5m to 1.8m+

Shield health up from approx 15m to 22m

Artificer hive heal pretty similar between both builds at max stacks

My own armor up from 1.3m to 1.6m

Overall very happy with the new build and great fun to play with.

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